Sunday, 25 October 2009

The New Den - Millwall F.C

The New Den - Millwall F.C - 2009

In October 2009 I took my first and last visit to The New Den, home of Millwall F.C. I felt like I was in a really, really shit Danny Dyer film such was the quantity of burberry and stone island in front of me.

My journey started on the Millwall train as I missed the Leeds fans' special from London Bridge. Then on to South Bermondsay station and into the New Den. It is built like a fort, presumably to protect away fans from their own supporters - there really is nothing like it in English Football.

I didn't get a chance to buy a program and despite walking from the station (through a tunnel of metal and plastic designed to protect you from shit being lobbed at you) we were patted down inside the stand which resulted in a bit of a crush.

This was handled pretty poorly which set the tone nicely. On to the seating which was conveniently unreserved meaning we were pushed into a block nearest the Millwall fans who spent the whole game watching us as opposed to their own winning team.

Their ground is a typical lego new built with two tiered stands. The lower tear of the 'Away' end will never be used as the fans who sit adjacent to it will simply chuck things into it. The ground was similar to Colchester's albeit older and without the care, attention and pride.

They scored and chucked beer bottles and coins on the pitch to celebrate. Unable to get at Leeds fans they were content to fight it out with the Police, stewards and each other causing many of them to get thrown out whilst we looked on with bemusement.

The game ended with a deserved Millwall win and the real Millwall fans would have been happy with the performance (those who watched the game as opposed to us). We were then kept in to wait until all Millwall fans had cleared the area (Helicopter to check this). Again pretty unique in English football. We were then finally allowed to get the fuck away from the area.

As the train pulled away from South Bermondsay to Victoria you could see the Leeds coaches being attacked and the police cars moving around the area. I can't be bothered with the hastle to be honest. Never felt unsafe at any time but a complete ball-ache of a day I wont repeat!

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